7 Essential Keys to Switching Your Website ON!

Your website is in fact a powerful 24/7 sales and marketing machine! When designed and structured correctly, an effective website promotes your products, services and brand values to a vast audience, moving them inexorably toward a transaction ‘Sales’. However, the online marketing landscape is shifting so rapidly that most sites fail miserably at being any […]

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A Natural Success!


The Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce required an effective branding and marketing campaign to revive tourism in this iconic Australian region which had suffered a dramatic decline in tourism after the GFC. Facing a slump in regional tourism and strong Aussie dollar attracting travellers overseas, Utopia developed Byron Naturally, a cross-platform campaign to encourage visitation […]

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New website takes flight for Ballina Byron Airport

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport

Utopia was engaged late last year to provide a new website for the North Coast’s Gateway Airport. A complex brief was outlined by the client: Destination oriented, highly visual, local information, flight schedule feeds, all on a CMS admin. The viewer needed to be guided through a highly visual destination oriented site to access functional flight and travel information. The […]

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