A Natural Success!


The Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce required an effective branding and marketing campaign to revive tourism in this iconic Australian region which had suffered a dramatic decline in tourism after the GFC.

Facing a slump in regional tourism and strong Aussie dollar attracting travellers overseas, Utopia developed Byron Naturally, a cross-platform campaign to encourage visitation and higher spending.

With 100 member-businesses contributing an affordable amount each, the Chamber qualified for matching government funds to create and launch this high-impact campaign that combined TV, Radio, Print, Web and Social Media exposure.

Using a ‘soft sell’ approach that immersed viewers in the ‘experience’ of Byron Bay Region, and offering rewards to visitors for purchasing goods & services while here, the campaign broke all tourism records for the last 25 years!

The Byron Naturally campaign was a significant factor, increased domestic visitation by 24%, and overnight stays by 63% – in the state of NSW where regional tourism had just barely reached 1.5% growth for the same period.

Transforming a flat seasonal economy into a more vibrant, profitable and extended one, the campaign set a new standard for regional tourism in Australia, and secured Byron Bay as one of the country’s most desireable destinations.